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Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
With more than 32 thousand hectares, the inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu has been recognized as Cultural Heritage and Natural of humanity by UNESCO. Within their habitat are known to exist more than 300 species of birds and about 200 classes of registered orchid.

There are three ways to reach: through the Inca Trail (which means a journey that can last for hours or days depending on the starting point), by train or by helicopter.

The journey by train is done in an average of four hours and supposed to appreciate a wonderful landscape. However, the train wagons have not SS.HH. accessible for people with disabilities. The faster and more convenient alternative is through the helicopter, which can be accessed from the Velasco Astete of the Cusco International Airport (see "Other services" in the section of Cusco). Please enter through the back ramp of the nave.

These two options of the train and the helicopter are complemented in Aguas Calientes by bus service, which traverse the road named Hiram Bingham (named for the Explorer who is credited with the discovery of the so-called "lost city" in the year 1911, although there are opinions that they discussed the fact). Buses do not have a special system for the boarding of wheelchairs, by which the person must be moved from your own Chair to the vehicle seat.

While the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu cannot be modified to be heritage, much of the place through the assistance of a team of people can walk properly trained (see "Other services" in the section of Cusco).

Don't be discouraged with the thirteen stairs that lead to the ticket office, since many parts of the archaeological site are only accessible climbing numerous stairs of stone. Facilitates good part of the way the existence of the platforms, which are characteristic of the ancient Peruvians constructions for agricultural purposes.

One of the most impressive areas that you can visit with the assistance of trained personnel is the Temple of the three Windows, which offers a panoramic view of the place. The Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge hotel, which offers service in restaurant and cafeteria is located in the outer part of the archaeological site. The SS.HH. public of the Sanctuary are not accessible. There is a medical clinic assistance for visitors to the side of the ticket office. The visit of this archaeological site is highly recommended. It is considered one of the wonders of the world by its extreme historical and natural beauty.

Telf.: (51-84) 21 1067.
Visit time: Monday to Sunday from 6: 00 to 17: 30.

Thermal baths
At 800 m from the village of Aguas Calientes, there are a few thermal baths which have medicinal properties. The name of the town is precisely due to these sulphurous waters from the Rocky subsoil. Getting there is a trail steep staircases surrounding the hills. The road begins in the town of Aguas Calientes. Difficult to access, the thermal baths are not accessible for persons with restricted physical mobility, but people with minor disabilities can enjoy a soothing bath. For your convenience, the municipality of Aguas Calientes has built special, dressing rooms, bathrooms and Café environments. Along the way there are a number of pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy the hospitality of the local inhabitant and chat with visitors from all parts of the world.

Craft market
It is a local market where you can buy all kinds of handicrafts and handmade products. There is enough space between the stalls and the height thereof allows you to see comfortably from a wheelchair items for sale. The soil surface is not affirmed land.

original source: cusco_peru.org

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