Money in Cusco

The dollar exchange rate may vary from day to day, but usually fluctuates between S /. 3.60 and 3.40 nuevos soles per American dollar. The change the Euro is approximately s /. 3.25.

Try to take notes boys and simple, since many times sellers, shops and taxis have not returned. When you take money, be that it is not broken or old, since vendors, banks, the money changers do not accept bills in that State.

Banks and bureaux de change
All branches of the banks (in the provinces) changes US dollars and Traveler's checks.

Offices main (in Lima) and/or exchange brokerage firms accept other currencies. In Cusco, the US dollar can also be changed on the parallel market, where the 'money-changers' located in the second block of Av. The Sun generally offer a favorable, previously agreed rate between them, so not worth negotiating.

Generally, the exchange rate offered for these transactions is greater than the change in banks.
However, change in the streets can be dangerous.

It is legal to change money with the money changers on the street, but it is not recommended, it is in danger of being stolen if he is seen changing money. Be very careful with the counterfeit dollars. There have been cases of cheated tourists.

We recommend changing the dollars or traveler's checks in exchange houses or banks, which are concentrated in the first two blocks from the Av. The Sun. You can also perform in hotels, restaurants and retail stores, but with a lower change.
The attention of the banks is Monday through Friday from 9: 00 to 18: 00, and on Saturdays until noon. Also be found Street money changers in the corners of the avenida El Sol, as well as numerous automatic teller machines ATMs.

Traveler's checks
The standard to change traveler's checks is 1% for the withdrawal in nuevos soles and 3% in dollars. Although this mode is little widespread in the town (in some banks his change represents a loss of between 2% and 5% of the amount to change), can be made in banks and exchange houses.
The Continental Bank deducts 5% Commission for changing travellers cheques, other tourism agencies change dollars and Traveler's checks, but can reach 4 to 5% Commission charge.
Cancellation of travellers cheques Thomas Cook (in Lima): 241-5567 / 444-5175-American Express: 001-800-8602908

Money transfers (turns)
Turns can be made through commercial banks. The procedure for international transfers lasting at least 3 days, and for national take a day or less. It is also possible to obtain cash charged to credit cards.

Credit cards
It's another of modalities that is not widespread. However, hotels, restaurants shops and prestige, accept them.
The most widely accepted are American Express, Visa, Diners, MasterCard and Cirrus. The most widely accepted card in the Peru is Visa. MasterCard is also accepted, but Diner´s Club and American Express are not very accepted.

Banco de crédito is recommended to remove the Visa card cash, for Mastercard withdrawals go to Banco Santander Central Hispano or Wiese Sudameris, and in the case of American Express is headquartered in Lima Tours, flours 177 Portal, Plaza de Armas.
Telf. 22-8431.

The downside of using a debit or credit card is that some stores, hotels and restaurants, often increase 8% to the final account. Best thing to do is to withdraw money by the cashier and pay cash. It is good to carry traveler's checks for safety, but often are difficult to change, and the change offered is lower than if one were effective.

In case of theft or loss of Visa card, you can cancel it by calling 0-801-1-3333.

For questions regarding your Mastercard card, you can call the phone 0-800-49510 or 24-4946. If your card has been issued abroad, please contact Master Card Global Service 0-800-505-87

The best way to get money is via ATMs. Almost all work with the Plus System, but you can also find ATMs that accept Star, Cirrus and Interlink.
Most banks have ATMs where to withdraw money with international credit cards. They also deliver high-denomination bills, but we suggest you request small denomination bills. In Cuzco, the automatic teller machine of the Banco Santander, located in the second block of Av. The Sun gives lower values banknotes, since then you must walk a little more, but avoided discomfort at the time of paying for services used. The Santander Bank ATM is located inside the building, offering comfort and greater security to the public, mainly for VISA card users.

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