Pisac is a district of the province of Calca, located 32 km. Northwest of Cuzco. Its altitude comprises the 2,950 meters above sea level.

Pisac is no exception to the famous Inca legends. The city presents a statue that has a very particular: is said to the Huayllapuma chieftain had a daughter named Inquill, who was to marry the man who could build in only one night, the bridge over the River Vilacmayo (a bridge of great importance for the defence of the place). Despite the hard task, Asto Rimac - a handsome Prince - decided to take up the challenge, and ask for the hand of the Princess. The authorities of the place arranged everything so Asto Rimac initiate tasks, while the Princess should climb a hill without flip; because otherwise, she and her fiancé were to become stone. Almost at dawn, the Prince had culminated with the work, but Inquill may not support more, turned around and was turned into stone to the day.

original source: cusco_peru.org

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