Puca Pucara

It would be a military construction composed of overlapping terraces, Interior squares, aqueducts, watchtowers, high walls and staircases. However, its presence on the road can also indicate that it was a dairy farm, although its structure does not correspond to the standard path that built these buildings along the Inca trails; about this possibility, there is the version that the Inca housed there to his large retinue each time that you decided to visit the baths in Tambomachay.

The site occupies one of the typical Rocky who Excel in the plain of Sacsayhuaman. And it shows a façade on a free by way of small square area toward the Western side. On the opposite side, rises a building of considerable height whose main characteristic is its strategic location since it dominates the whole surrounding.

The builders built three irregular plant walls laying three levels for the site.

The first wall has a winding path that avoids carefully cut the protruding rocks. To the north side and behind the outer wall, there are six rooms of different sizes, arranged in irregular way not to touch the stones that make up the wall. To the West, there is a high plaza of trapezoidal shape that can be accessed by a ladder. The square was surrounded by buildings on two of its sides. The nine regular stroke in this open space rooms do not appear to belong to a fortified area.

A second wall surrounds the central elevation. Between this and the first there are wide terraces that extend to the South and East. Behind the second wall are three atypical rooms for the inca architecture, because two of them have rectangular, but trapezoid plant. The third wall surrounds the Summit and they have not left traces of their buildings.

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