Wiracocha Temple in Raqchi
The most important building within the complex is the Wiraqocha Temple, which, according to the chroniclers, was built by the Inca Wiraqocha in homage to the invisible Dios Superior of Andean people: "Apu Kon Titi Wiraqocha".

Pedro Cieza de Leon collected the tradition that says that the URN was built after the appearance of a man who performed miracles in this place. The character in question failed to capture the attention of people, and they decided to stone until his death. But when they were in their search, they found him kneeling with your arms fully extended, falling immediately after a rain of fire. Then the men, repentant, left him free, and the strange character moved towards the coast and immersed himself in the waters of the ocean.

After this event was built an urn in its memory and an idol of stone which, according to some conquerors that saw it, would have been the image of some Christian apostle who passed through these lands.

As for the rain of fire, it is possible that they refer to some eruption of the Kinsach'ata volcano ' ata, now extinct.

The Wiraqocha Temple is a grandiose construction for its era. Architecturally, it is classified as a kallanka, i.e. a large building of stone with thatched (ichu).

The roofing was impressive, almost 2500 m² and an inclination of approximately 50 ° slope. There were circular columns, which are still in the bases between the central wall and the side to support the ceiling; These columns had 1.60 mts. diameter and approximately 9.80 m. height.

Its external dimensions were 92 meters. (302 feet) long and 25.25 meters. (83 ft) wide. Its central wall made with finely carved stones. The base has a height approximately 3 meters. Adobe (bricks with straw dried by the Sun), the walls have 1.65 meters. thick at the base and 1.30 meters. approximately at the top.

original source: cusco_peru.org

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