Suchina the Rodadero-Sacsayhuaman

At the top is the so-called "throne of the Inca" or k 'k'usillup hink' Anan (Monkey jump). The name is rather curious, since it's a carving on alive rock in the form of two rows of treads. From atop it dominates the Esplanade, making think that you it's an excellent place for a real seat, but also for an altar.

In Rodadero are also platforms, tombs, tunnels and stairs carved in stone. Recent works have discovered a spring which supplied water to a circular pond from which started a complex network of channels.

There is no doubt that Suchuna was a very important religious space, as there will be Guamancancha (shrine of the fourth the Chinchaysuyo ceque). This shrine constituted two small rooms, of which the remains on the East side of Rodadero are barely observed. These rooms would have been so ayunasen the noble youth involved in the huarachico, initiation ritual that consisted of encountering them ears.

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