Arequipa and its museums

Arequipa - ArequipaArequipa - ArequipaArequipa is one of the cities most beautiful Peru. It has important museums such as the monastery of Santa Catalina, Museo Santury and the Chimbaya Museum.

Nestled between the route between the Pacific Ocean to the Andes, the city of Arequipa is a city that deserves to be known by travellers who travel Peru.

Surrounded by one of the most incredible natural landscapes in all Peru, Arequipa is located between active volcanoes as Misti which monitors imposing to the nearby city, in addition of being close to hot springs, salares, national parks and one of the largest canyons in the world, the Colca Canyon. When the traveller on his Latin American tour looking for a place to be able to do trekking, mountain climbing and excursions, Arequipa is the best base to rest and then go to the adventure. There is another place in the South of the Peru, where combine better the scenery which conforms both to the beauty of the Andean landscape with architectural wealth that exists in the city. Not in vain, Arequipa was declared patrimony of the humanity by Unesco, by the colonial architectural legacy, which is noticeable in every step that the tourist through the historic center of the city.

One of the buildings to anyone who wants to know Arequipa must go is the monastery of Santa Catalina. This imposing colonial building occupies one block from the historic quarter of the city, almost 20,000 square meters, is one of the most fascinating buildings in all Peru. It is virtually a Citadel whose architecture reflects the Spanish religious influence during the colonial period, as well as his power in society. Today the monastery of Santa Catalina is both a Museum and an art gallery, which is mostly visited by tourists. The cost to enter the monastery of Santa Catalina has a cost of 35 soles, almost $13.

Other museums in Arequipa to the traveller can go is the Museo Santury and the Chiribaya archaeological museum. The Santury Museum, belonging to the Catholic University of Santa Maria, specializes in exhibits relating to the Inca period, where you can see the Mummy preserved an inca Princess, known as "the Princess Juanita, la dama de Ambato". This museum is located at 110th Street Merced and has a cost of 15 soles ($5.5). The Chiribaya Archaeological Museum, next to the Santury Museum in 117 Merced Street and opened in 2008, has a collection of parts pre Inca, among which looms and gold pieces. The cost of entry to the Museum is similar to that of the Museo Santury, about 15 soles.

But if the traveler wants to know something more about the current Arequipa, you must walk through the District of Yanahuara. It is very easy to reach from the city centre. He is accessed across the Grau bridge, is continued by the army Avenue for some blocks, then fold in the Lima Avenue until you reach a small square, where you will have excellent views of the city of el Misti volcano.

Arequipa is an important stop in travel routes that run through Peru. The first of these, is that part of Lima, continues by Nazca and continues towards Lake Titicaca and Bolivia. The second is from Chile, passes through Tacna and its scale Arequipa, to then upload to Puno or Cuzco. The advantage that Arequipa is that it is a very good place to Acclimate in height, since it is an indispensable requirement for upload to Puno and Bolivia.

To travel overland from Arequipa, take into account that there is a large supply of buses but they are not always the safest. The frequent accidents on Peruvian roads where the buses are protagonists make travelers to be cautious at the time of choosing the company. To travel to Lima (16-18 hours of travel), prices range from 35 to 110 Suns (12-40 $). If you want to go to Puno and Lake Titicaca (about 6 hours) there are several companies that make the journey from the Suns 12 (more than $4). If your destination is Cuzco, prices range from 20 to 57 Suns ($7.50 to 21) and the trip takes 9 to 12 hours.

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