Mystic Peru: the ruins of Marcahuasi

[[Piedra]] con forma de [[cabeza]] [[Humano|humana - Arístides Herrera Cuntti[[Stone]] shaped [[head]] [[Humano|humana - Arístides Herrera CunttiFuera of the traditional of the Peru and circuits, however, with all its magic and its mystery.]]

Peru tends to be one of the goals of every traveler. Its tourist wealth is so wide and formidable that it captures and amazed any look. However, not content with this, he continues to offer new spaces which equate in adventure and mysticism to Machu Pichu himself.

A few hundred kilometers from Lima, where generally all tourist arrives on his trip by the inca land, are the extraordinary rock formations of the plateau of Marcahuasi. Takes approximately 6 hours of travel get to San Pedro de Casta leaving Lima, from where continues on foot or horseback to reach the plateau itself.

It is necessary to have a good physical condition because the place is almost 4,000 meters high with a considerable difference between the day and night temperatures. The plateau contains some 30 monuments among which there are rock formations, lakes, remains of three extinct citadels and even underground passages that have not been scanned due to lack of oxygen. Some of these monuments can only be seen as how influences them light, either by the hour of the day or the time of the year, something truly amazing. And one of them, in particular, the "monument to the humanity", would have faces of different ethnicities who watch each one of them, towards the cardinal point which would be originating.

In quechua Marcahuasi means "the sovereign House" and this name strengthens the notion of some scholars like Daniel Ruzo, who associate the existence of a fabulous megalithic civilization. It was discovered in 1923 by the Peruvian archaeologist Julio C. Tello, who labelled it as belonging to the Yunga culture or the Huanca. However, a few years later Ruzo, influenced by esoteric Pedro Astete and "The doctrine secret" of Madame Blavatski, would include it as belonging to an antediluvian civilization which he called Masma in reference to the offspring of the fifth son of Ishmael. That end romantic and mystical to the traditional archaeologist who consider it a simple result of the erosion of the wind and rain over the millennia, Marcahuasi crosses the mystery and stands in the place of worship and beauty, adventure and discovery for all lovers of the wild tourism.

In general, when you choose a trip to a place such as the Peru, have to take into account the most attractive sites, which are many, transport, and the kind of tourism that is most appreciated. Being so close to Lima, from offering packages which include round-trip to the site in two days, is, or should be perhaps most known and visited this fabulous space which, often due to ignorance is not reached. Perhaps someday is, as it is among one of the most visited destinations.

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