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On the West side of the road to Pisac, 200 meters before crossing the Gorge of Ocucuchayoc, lies another outgoing Rocky profusely labrada. According to Victor Angles, the name means "evil spirit" or "naughty". The site contains Chambers and tunnels carved in the heart of the rock. It is also an important site in the Andean ritual. It is believed that it could be linked to the veneration of ancestors.

Quispehuara (Llaullipata)
It is located on the right bank of the upper basin of the Saphi River, half a kilometre before the Llaullipata farm. It is a place rich in platforms, some of which are still used by communities and present carved Rocky stairways, channels and an intihuatana.

Located one kilometer upstream from Quispehuara. It's a natural bridge that connects the two banks of the River Chacan; precisely from there comes its name (chacan means "bridge"). An entry that leads to a cave, from which exit to a balcony situated on top where you can see the river has carved out on the bridge.

It is the name of a former stream. The road to Pisac crosses it 700 metres from the exit towards Suchuna. Chachacomacaja, another of the huacas of the Chinchaysuyo ceques system is close to the road. It's two huge terraces. When the road bends to cross the bridge, is visible to the left another group of platforms which should be Calispuquiohuasi, which is said was owned by Tupac Inca. Calispuquio, another important shrine of the aforementioned ceque is three hundred meters later.

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