Half a kilometer off the paved road, we find the small village of Tipón. The abode is part of the village of Quispicanchis, which was owned by San Lorenzo de los Valles (1650-1802). This, undoubtedly, was the most important monument of colonial times, but is today completely abandoned.

The original quechua name of the Park is unknown. You can see different groups of Royal quarters that were built by INKA Wiraqocha as a refuge for his father Yawar Wakaq, on his return from the war against the Chancas according to Victor Angles.

This group of villages is located at an altitude of 3,500 meters. (11,480 ft). There is a large area of farmland which contains 12 very fertile terraces that are currently cultivated, and whose walls were built with carved stones.

original source: cusco_peru.org

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