Village of Inca origin which include the ruins of the Palace of the inca Sauri Tupac (one of the rebellious incas of Vilcabamba), a colonial church and a small museum on site.

There are legends that towards the middle of the century XV Inca Huayna Capac was captivated by the incomparable beauty of the landscapes of Yucay, and decided to settle there. Two physical elements contributed to making this place the favorite place of the incas: the softness of its climate and the beauty of its landscape.

Surprised by the richness and fertility of the region, commissioned to the mitimaes (individuals of low people that made collective tasks) bring the richest of all Earth valleys of Tahuantinsuyo to make the place even more productive. Of this huge effort remain as testimonies the special platforms of Yucay.

** Mitimaes: Were groups sent to different places along with their families and their own ethnic leaders to meet different objectives. Some defended the borders while others cultivated land there was missing where labour force, as did the fourteen thousand sent by Huayna Capac to Cochabamba. The variety of tasks entrusted to the mitimaes could show confidence and be a distinction or be a punishment infringed ethnicities that deserved punitive action. Finally, there were mitimaes with religious purposes to honor and serve important sanctuaries.

By be 600 meters lower than Cusco, Yucay, and in general the Sacred Valley is ideal for tourists arriving by air. Spend the first few days in this area will allow them to eat and sleep peacefully and avoid the dreaded headaches caused by altitude sickness.

Tourist attractions
Two squares are separated by the restored Church of Santiago Apóstol. You can see the Ñusta Palace and the remains of a building on polished stone and adobe with decorations in high and low relief that corresponded to the Palace of the Inca Manco Sairi Tupac on Plaza Manco II.

It was the second of the "colonial Incas" or Vilcabamba, who received the marquisate of Oropesa as mercy. There are also many ruins scattered through the Valley and portentous works of engineering such as agricultural terraces with retaining walls formed by huge stones.

Adventure sports lovers can take a walk to the Black Lake, on the banks of the nevado San Juan. The steep circuit starts behind the Hotel Posada del Inca and continues to Huayllabamba. It takes a full day.

Yucay boasts the most luxurious hotel in the Valley: Posada del Inca. The main building is an old colonial House, built in the mid-16th century by nuns of the order of Saint Catherine of Siena. The hotel guests have the possibility to participate in Posada adventure, a program that organizes adventurous rafting tours, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and hot air balloon. In all cases it has with bilingual guides, modern and complete equipment, a good security system, and all the forecasts to make an unforgettable ride.

The hostel and ' Lary, located on Plaza Manco II, is a good and economic lodging alternative.

Sonesta Posada del Inca in Yucay
This three star hotel has 69 rooms. The entrance is accessible for people with disabilities. You can enter through the side entrance where there are ramps in the sidewalks or by the front door using wooden movable ramps up and down a step. Accessible rooms are on the first floor and also have movable wooden ramps to raise a laid down upon entering. The hotel has no internal corridors on the first level. The rooms have doors direct to the outside, favorable for a quick evacuation in case of fire. The rooms doors free width is 0.89 m and bath 0.84 m. The SS.HH. public of the restaurant and the bar are not accessible. They precisely plan modifications in the SS.HH. public.

Address: Plaza Manco II of Yucay 123 Urubamba (Sacred Valley).
Telf.: (51-84) 20 1107 / 201346
Fax number: (51-84) 20 1345
E-mail: posada_ventas@el-olivar.com.pe
Web Site: http://www.sonesta.com/corporate/south-america.asp

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