Tourism in the North of the Peru

turismo-peru-norte - Christian RiverosTourism-peru-North - Christian RiverosDistintas forms of tourism in the Peruvian coast, a tour through the cities of Tumbes, Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo.

The Peru is a country that has countless tourist attractions, in all its geographical regions inherited from its vast and rich history cultural and archaeological sites, beautiful natural landscapes with a huge variety of animals and plants that promote ecotourism, varied native communities that show their ancestral customs, currently called Community rural tourism; as well as the adventure tourism based on its beaches, its high peaks, deep alleys and Inca routes that make the Peru the starting point in the adventure tourism in Latin America.

Starting the journey in the Tumbes Department found places for eco-tourism, visiting the National Sanctuary of the mangrove swamps whose extension is 2 972 hectares of forest of trees of mangrove and a diversity of vegetation, located 20 km from the Centre of the city of Tumbes, in this natural sanctuary in Zarumilla can find "Island of birds" a real attraction for the lovers of birds since most houses 200 varieties, many of them endangered.

Other tenants of the sanctuary is the Tumbes crocodile, species in danger of extinction as well as a great diversity of marine fauna, for the lovers of watching a sunset can visit "Island of love" called in this way by the locals, alluding to the relationship "where two arrive and leave three". Among its most beautiful beaches are Punta Sal and Zorritos, famous for its white sand and crystalline waters. You can visit also the thermal baths of swarms that are attributed medicinal properties.

Continuing with the path to the North went through the Department of Piura, where the tourist can make cultural tourism and enriched with the place as the tondero and marinera his music, making a diverted to the province of Chulucanas can witness the magnificent art of the artisans of the place and observe its ceramic and varied craft which is exported around the world. Following the circuit of beaches where is located the best-known: Mancora, with tropical climate and year-round Sun is an attraction for every tourist, national and foreign, close to it are the Vichayto Beach and Cabo Blanco, true gems for adventure tourism.

Further to the North we continue travelling towards the Department of Lambayeque, where lies the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, jealously guarded in the Bruning Museum in exhibiting in addition, more than 500 pieces of diverse cultures of the region, its discovery by the archaeologist Walter Alva, marked an important milestone in the Peruvian archaeology, since it was the first time you discovered Royal Tombs predating the inca EmpireTurning the Department into a major tourist destination.

You can also visit huaca Chotuna archaeological complexes and the archaeological complex of Túcume, or Valley pyramids, both close to the province of Chiclayo, capital of the Department. In addition to the historic sanctuary of the Pomac forest where varied flora but also archaeological remains of the Sican culture not only is located. Cannot mention the circuit of beaches of this town is the seaside resort of Pimentel ideal for adventure tourism, you can also visit the caleta santa rosa where the visitor can see locals fishing rafts of pre-Columbian times.

Concluding the tour arrived at the Department of La Libertad, where adventure tourism can be made on its beaches, cultural by the numerous archaeological finds tourism and eco-tourism in the villages of the sierra libertena. We began the adventure the North reaching Puerto Chicama 70 km from the city of Trujillo place where surfing is practiced in where there is the largest in the world left wave, currently home to several Championships of this sport.

In Trujillo, capital of the Department, starts the archaeological tour highlights the Citadel of largest in the world, the ruins of Chan Chan mud considered Cultural patrimony of the humanity by Unesco, these ruins also have a site museum where the visitor can observe objects and ornaments found in the area. Towards the South of the city are the huacas del sol and moon considered in antiquity as ceremonial temples, this archaeological site currently boasts a beautiful Museum site and the highest level of structure.

Other points of obligatory visit are the El Brujo archaeological complex located at 60 Km from the city, la huaca Esmeralda and huaca of the Dragon or rainbow.

You can not mention the musical cultural bastion of Trujillo with his Northern seafaring and your already familiar National Festival of seafood, and the international the Spring Festival which each year attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. The circuit of beaches this represented by the beach Huanchaco, where you can see the majestic caballitos de totora (mochica origin craft boat).

You can visit the District of Otuzco 85 km from the city of Trujillo, where wooded landscapes, cradle in addition to the feast of the Virgin of the door can be seen for eco-tourism. The thermal baths of Chimu Cascas and the cultivation of their vineyards.

No doubt paraphrase what they say locals to visitors... "The North holds its own... and share the world with pride."

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